Monday Motivation: No Such Thing as Wasted Work

2009 November 9
by Kate O'Neill

Don't forget to recycle!
Creative Commons License photo credit: Pylon757

Have you ever worked hard on a project only to find that parts of your work were thrown away, or the whole project was cut for lack of funding or any other reason? Of course you have – it’s an experience nearly as common as encountering an empty coffee pot in the break room.

I bet it’s tempting to feel irritated or even angry when your work is “wasted.”

But thinking about it further, when is our work ever really wasted? Don’t we become better at what we do with each effort we make, and more apt to do it better the next time? Doesn’t that knowledge make us better at estimating how much projects will cost, how long work will take, how well we can expect the results to come out, and so on? And isn’t there often a chance to reuse and recycle some of the core pieces of that work into something else down the road?

Keep striving for excellence, and keep seeking the good in every situation, and guess what? You will find both.

Happy Monday!

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