Somewhere at the intersection of Lifehacker, Seth Godin, corporate ethics, and Church of the Customer, this blog is written by people that know that business can be a creative endeavor, fully satisfying, and a force for good, not the faceless, soulless greed machine it’s often believed to be.

We believe there’s nothing incompatible with being interested in the workings of business and having a heart. In fact, we know a lot of people who want to do meaningful things in their professional lives, and who go out of their way to support businesses and professionals who do the same.

We’re those people, too.

Corporate Idealist is about recognizing our better instincts in our working lives, and helping every one of us fulfill them.

Want to contribute to Corporate Idealist? Here are a few ways to help.

Write for us. We’re looking for contributing writers and editors. Review our contributor guidelines for more details.

Sponsor us. We want quality content and a quality experience for our community, and we believe it’s worth paying for. Since we’ll pay our writers, we need support to do that. In return for your support, you get prominent placement on our site in front of a conscientious audience that favors supporting good businesses, and for all that, your cost per impression is far lower than it would be in almost any other ad medium. Contact us today and we’ll share the details.

Talk about us. Spread the word to everyone you think might enjoy this site. Tweet us, Facebook us, email us. We don’t mind the attention, we promise.

Header image taken from http://www.flickr.com/photos/coyotejack/ and used under CC BY 2.0 license
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