Risky Business (Cards)

2009 October 9
by Sam Davidson

Business card house
Creative Commons License photo credit: rahims

We all have them. You give them out pretty frequently, quite possibly at parties. And you probably get a ton whenever you meet up with people.

Get your mind out of the gutter – I’m talking about business cards.

They say so much while saying so little. They’re such a part of the corporate world that we all know what to expect when we see one. Can one really be idealistic when it comes to this staple of society?

Perhaps. That’s exactly the question Matt Cheuvront asks when he challenges his readers to be memorable. His trick? A hand-written business card.

Guy Kawasaki calls attention to the handiwork of Justin Ruckman. These cards are easy on the eyes while cutting to the chase.

Of course, there’s a difference between being memorable and being ridiculed. What you might do by attempting to stand out may have you falling flat on your face. What’s important to remember, then, is the element of risk. No one was ever remembered for playing it safe. No one became remarkable or outstanding by maintaining the status quo.

So, whether it’s your business card or your business suit, your business model or your business plan, be willing to take an appropriate risk. Doing so may open you up to an entire new world of contacts, opportunity, and possibility.

Tell us: how do you take risks at work? How do you know which ones are worth taking?

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