Safe and Sound?

2009 September 11
by Sam Davidson

I love my pink blankie
Creative Commons License photo credit: sunsets_for_you

Last night, my wife and I received our first baby blanket for our daughter who arrives in January. It immediately got me thinking about an old, colorful blanket I had as a child. It had a picture of Snoopy on it, and while I did not need it to fall asleep every night, it was a must-have for Saturday morning cartoons or story time in the middle of the afternoon.

Whether it’s a pacifier, a stuffed animal, or a blanket, kids have security devices that help normalize their rapidly changing worlds. Adults have networks, expensive items they own, or careers. Or not.

In a conversation I had this week with a freelancer, he told me that he believes he’s more secure on his own than he is with a salaried corporate gig. I see his point – he’s at the mercy of his own skills and his ability to find new business rather than depend on someone or something else to make sure he still has enough work to do.

Then, I read this beauty by the very talented Carlos Miceli. He reminds us:

Job security may be the worst goal you can set for yourself.

The concept is outdated. If it ever existed, it was way too long ago.

Too much randomness rules our lives to aim for any kind of perpetuity.

He’s got a point. But so do those people who find a job they love working for someone else, reaping the best possible scenario of security or stability.

So the issue isn’t whether you should start a company or go work for one. The issue is what makes you feel most secure. Is it a salaried job somewhere you can climb the ladder? Is it hanging out your own shingle? Is it in teaching others how to make that decision?

Where do you feel most safe and sound when it comes to work?

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  1. 2009 September 11

    Thank you Sam. I agree with you, there’s no “one path” to feel secure. You don’t need to be a freelancer nor an employee. What matters is understanding your context, so you are ready for change when it finally hits you.

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