Open Thread: Working the Long Weekend?

2009 September 4

Regular Corporate Idealist contributor Sam Davidson wrote a post the other day at his blog about how much you can get done on Monday when no one’s looking:

That means that you have a full day on Monday to get things done. Sure – carve out time to grill out, go to the lake, sing a song – but just imagine what you could do in four hours that morning with no one sending you emails. And none that you have to send.

Most people will probably leave the office tomorrow after lunch, too. If you stay until five, you’ll have five more hours to do (nearly) uninterrupted work. Combine that with Monday morning and you get an extra day. One entire day that your competition, your co-workers and your colleagues may ignore. What can you do to get ahead, be remarkable and mark off your list?

This is definitely in my plans. I have every intention of getting some relaxation in, but the extra few hours of organizing what has gotten a bit chaotic, of catching up on projects at a high level, of checking off just one or two extra tasks — all of that will ultimately reduce stress and anxiety and make my work life calmer, so it be as good for me as any R&R could ever be.

What about you? Are you regarding this long weekend as strictly an opportunity to relax, or will you be sneaking some work in? Lay it down for us in the comments.

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3 Responses leave one →
  1. 2009 September 4

    It’s hard to imagine not firing up the laptop at some point every weekend. If I spent more time in an office I would definitely work on Monday. Right now I’m hoping for weather that will make working on the deck reasonable.

    How many individuals who are taking Monday off do you think actually measure their daily routine against the “getting ahead of your competitors” paradigm? I would imagine in the entrepreneurial community it’s high, but I bet a huge percentage of people are thrilled to *not* work. Even entrepreneurs likely don’t get a leg up on anyone except their largest rivals who don’t even know they are plotting their domination just yet. You definitely have to have a long term mindset about your work to be able to add up those extra hours over time and see a difference in your outcomes vs. other companies.

  2. 2009 September 4

    I will be working, as I do every weekend. Thing is, I love my job. I get to meet new people and try to do so in any situation I am in, be it social or official. I will be working my booty off as I run a 5K on Monday to raise money for the Mercy Children’s Clinic in Franklin. I am running with my 61 year old dad who is probably in better shape than I am. I look forward to weekends, but as a small business owner, I never really stop working. Good thing I love it:) Happy Labor Day!

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