Poll: ZOMG We’re All Totally Stressed! How Do You Cope?

2009 August 20

Creative Commons License photo credit: greg westfall.

According to the results of a July 2009 McKinsey Quarterly survey, many of us have more responsibilities (without a corresponding increase in title or pay) and a good deal more stress since the economic downturn began. In an article called Leaders in the crisis, Kevin Lane and Monica McGurk summarize the survey’s findings:

Most respondents are working more hours since the crisis began, and nearly 40 percent have more responsibilities without the benefit of a new title. But although stress levels have increased, most executives say they can cope.

There’s a lot more great content in the article, particularly dealing with motivating employees who are overwhelmed and overworked, and keeping the company staff aligned. Definitely be sure to read the whole thing, particularly if you manage people and want some tips on motivating them through these conditions.

But it leads us to wonder: what are you doing personally to cope with your stress? Even if your techniques aren’t completely healthy, we’re curious. And especially if you have healthy techniques we haven’t listed in the poll, be sure to share them in the comments.

Good, bad, or ugly, what techniques are you using to cope with stress?

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