Monday Motivation: Maybe a little fear isn’t such a bad thing

2009 August 17
by Kate O'Neill

Panic button
Creative Commons License photo credit: star5112

You know how it is: some days all the well-intentioned positivity in the world isn’t enough of a kick in the pants.

If you find yourself languishing, having a tough transition from weekend to work week, perhaps you might try a little fear-based motivation. Allow yourself to imagine what undesirable outcomes will arise from not following through on what you know you need to be doing.

It’s perhaps not the best way to feel calm and stress-free, but if you really need to get something done and you’re having trouble, it’s not really the ideal time for calm and stress-free. That time is after you get done what you need to get done. And when you get there, you should definitely enjoy it; you earned it.

What’s your last-ditch technique for days when you can’t get yourself in gear? Give us your tips in the comments.

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  1. 2009 August 17
    Michael H. permalink

    I don’t really have a good answer to this, but I understand the problem. Setting Skype to do-not-disturb works a bit for me — I’m broadcasting to coworkers that I’m so busy they can’t talk to me, and that means I have to go and earn that status.

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