Do You Like Me for My Mind?

2009 August 28
by Sam Davidson


The big news on the career/tech front this week was that Brazen Careerist transformed itself in “an all-out social network focused on flipping the conventional wisdom surrounding the resume by focusing on “idea feeds.”

While Brazen Careerist has been a great place for Gen Y bloggers to find one another, its renewed focus this week could change the game for employers and employees alike.

The main frustration I hear with recent graduates is that no one will hire them because they don’t have any experience. And they can’t get any experience unless someone hires them. This is the awful Twilight Zone paradox of trying to land a job in our world. After all, how can you really demonstrate that you will do a good job, even if you just haven’t had the chance to do a good job yet?

I hope that Brazen can change the career game by showcasing the great ideas of its community members. Then, I hope this trend will catch on and allow all of us to showcase our great ideas when looking for work. And ultimately, I hope that companies and organizations the world over will begin to find ways to measure the potential of new employees, and not just the past.

Tell us: when looking for work, how do you draw attention to your ideas?

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  1. 2009 August 31

    Monica O’ Brien (@monicaobrien) and I sat down and recorded an interview for our podcast with Ryan Paugh of Brazen Careerist yesterday afternoon and talked about everything from startup advice to the Brazen philosophy to Fantasy football. Somewhere in the midst of it all we came up with something pretty profound to ‘label’ Brazen with. They (and Gen Y in general) receive a lot of flack for branding Gen Y as ‘experts’ – but in reality – not many of us claim to be.

    Profoundly, we came up with ‘Brazen Careerist: Not Giving Advice, but Sharing Ideas’. I think that’s what is so great about the Gen-Y community, it’s our passion for sharing ideas, being right, being wrong, and learning from one another. The internet is allowing us to share ideas in new and innovative ways and that’s exactly what we’re doing. Letting our voices be heard – Brazen is there to bring us all together into one collective spirit.

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