“Never Resist a Generous Impulse”

2009 July 22
by Elizabeth Damewood Gaucher

Give us this day...
Creative Commons License photo credit: Mr. Kris

This is one of my father’s favorite sayings, and it came into play for me last week as I put closure on a frustrating event.

I have been very excited about becoming a dues paying member of an out-of-state organization that supports nonprofits. They do what they do better than anyone, and though I’m not in their state I thought being a member would bring enormous benefit to my local work. I paid my online application fee and anxiously awaited my membership packet.

It wasn’t long before I realized something was awry. I couldn’t register for their upcoming conference, so I gave my new friends a call. Alas, it appeared they were trying to figure out how to break it to me: They were planning to refund my money. Since I was not with a nonprofit organization in their state, working with me would be outside of their mission and therefore detracting from what they were set up to do.

Honestly, I was stunned. It had been too long since I had interacted with an organization that knew how to put cash aside for allegiance to purpose. Though I was disappointed, I was impressed by their creativity when they suggested I associate with one of their state’s organizations (a former employer) in order to complete a discounted conference registration.

I took my refunded membership fee and made a donation to my former employer who had offered to help me out. I also have never felt so good about paying full price for a conference.

Too many people are too quick in this economy to just accept money. If it corrupts your organizational integrity in any way, let it go. And if you find yourself with some unexpected cash this month, reach out to the nonprofit of your choice. They will be thrilled to have it, and you may find yourself thrilled to give it.

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