Memorial Monday Motivation: What is worth remembering?

2009 May 25
by Kate O'Neill

City Light customer account operators, 1945
Creative Commons License photo credit: Seattle Municipal Archives

It’s Memorial Day in the U.S.A., which means most of us have the day off of work, although many of us (ahem) are working anyway. Either way, it’s still Monday, which means a new week, which means new motivation. In honor of Memorial Day (and in no way meaning to trivialize what is truly being memorialized on this day), try asking yourself:

What have you done lately that’s worth remembering?

What interactions have you had with customers that they’re likely to talk about to colleagues and friends? And what will they say?

People tend to remember and talk about the amazingly good interactions they have and the really bad ones. The ones in between don’t really merit remembering, let alone┬áretelling. If you want people to talk about you, you have a choice.

How will you be memorable this week?

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