Making it all mean something

2009 April 8
by Kate O'Neill

Welcome to the inaugural post of Corporate Idealist! We’re glad to be here.

This blog exists because of people like you in the working world who appreciate business for values beyond the obvious: making money. Hey, we like making money too, but we feel better about our earnings when we’re doing something meaningful and constructive, and when we’re helping people if we can.

We also believe in the idea behind work-life balance, but we believe that our work should ideally be a reflection of us, so that our lives at work are balanced.

We think everyone’s motivations are different, and that those differences can be cultivated to make for an incredibly rich work environment.

Image credit: Eneas, via flickr

But here’s where we want your input. This blog will be meaningless without input from you. So please, tell us: besides the paycheck you take home, what are the moments in your working life that make everything more worthwhile?

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  1. 2009 April 8
    Donna permalink

    I’m in medicine. The work I do is high stress and while I have co-workers, we don’t co-work. We are independent. One thing I do cherish about my job though, is my “work family”. We all come together at different points in the day in the lounge and vent and share ideas on different ways to deliver the type of service we provide. It’s raunchy, candid, and a sort of ‘club’.—Donna, proud member since 2003.

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