Lifehacker asking for input on what makes a great workplace

2009 April 30

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Alex Barth

We’ve written before about alternative workplaces and arrangements like coworking, and we’ve discussed working conditions like the 4-day work weeks in Utah, but we haven’t touched on what makes a workplace really stand out as exceptional.

Is it access to freebies like soda and snacks? Is it plenty of opportunity for downtime with games and TV? Is it having coworkers whose company you enjoy? Is it something else more elusive?

Well, if you have an opinion, Lifehacker is asking its readers what constitutes a good place to work:

“It may seem silly to think about what makes a workplace great in an economy in which many of us just wish we had a workplace to go to, but we are curious: In your experience, what makes a workplace great? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments.”

Their inspiration for asking the question comes from the results of a Australian survey in which Google Australia ranked as the #1 place to work:

“After its outstandingly successful parent company topped a 100 Best Places To Work survey conducted by the US magazine Fortune, Google Australia has claimed the No.1 spot in a similar Australian poll.”

Definitely go and leave a comment with Lifehacker, but then come back and tell us, too. What’s been the formula for a great workplace, in your experience?

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