Do Corporate Idealists fit the personality type “Engaged Idealists”?

2009 May 5
by Kate O'Neill

Creative Commons License photo credit: austinevan

I’m on record as hating personality tests. That said, I happened across one that includes a type called the “Engaged Idealist” and one of the things that struck me was this:

In their job, they therefore have to be very careful not to develop a burnout syndrome.

Do you suppose this is the personality profile (if you accept that there is such a thing) of most corporate idealists?

Here’s an excerpt from career advice for the Engaged Idealist from the same site (and the bolded emphasis is mine):

You enjoy working in a colorfully diverse group of people who interest and inspire you. … Your insight into human nature, your feel for your colleague’s and/or subordinate’s positive sides and potentials and your preparedness to encourage and support everyone around you to the best of your ability quickly brings them closer to you. … Within your means you are always available to others who need you because you yourself enjoy the ultimate gratification of being able to help others to make the best of themselves and to be successful mediating conflicts among people. You are well suited to be an executive: It is difficult to resist your charisma, your enthusiasm and your ability to excite and motivate others. Authoritarian management attitudes are not your thing; it is your way to convince others of a project’s reason and significance who will then look forward to follow you voluntarily. You place a lot of value on creating the willingness to cooperate in others and with your gift to motivate that usually comes easy to you. You do not enjoy conflicts, need harmony and invest lots of energy and time in a good working climate and a harmonic relationship of your colleagues among each other.

Sound like anyone you know?

What do you think: is there probably a common personality type or do we span the spectrum of possibilities? (I kind of like the latter explanation, but I want to hear what you have to say either way.)

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